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Bill & Maria met in 2014, in a small mining town west of Brisbane called Miles. Bill was building 48 townhouses and Maria was asked to manage them as accommodation to the miners.


Maria and Bill clicked the moment they met! They both grew up in a little town and both came a long way to get to where they are. They are both driven, have great organisational skills, and love achieving what they put their mind to.


They both have an attitude that nothing is off limits and anything is possible, and know that actions show the results.


They don’t shy away from hard work and firmly believe that communication is the key. In other words, the goal is to create a Win Win outcome for everyone involved. 

Each of them has their own strengths. Bill is very experienced in building / developing and is super strong both physically and mentally. He has highly adoptable communication skills, which enables him to resolve any issues as they arise. 

Maria is very determined and has endless willingness and curiosity to learn. She implements what she learns to the letter and is a pleasure to work with.  


From humble beginnings as a cowgirl, Maria first showed her business acumen and earning potential with her own little herd of sheep at the tender age of 12. Her hard-working nature took her on to greater things — by 15, she was retailing clothes and then her own homemade vodka (in true Russian spirit!).


Maria was born in Russia, but has early German heritage — her ancestors came to Russia during the reign of Katherine the Great. Her family moved back to Germany during the "perestroika", a decision that enabled her to further her education in the beauty industry and landed her a job with a German cruise line. 

She found herself backpacking to Australia. Ever entrepreneurial, she funded her travels picking fruit, which culminated in her building her first business in Australia — a Builders Cleaning firm. She has also run two online shops in between. 

Maria is a positive, tolerant and patient person who seeks the peaceful approach to life's dilemmas. She firmly believes one should respect every human being on the planet as one respects themselves. She is a go-getter, and very determined and ambitious. 


She invests continually in self-development (both personal and in business) by reading books and attending seminars by Tony Robbins, Dr. John Demartini, Landmark Education, etc. where she discovered and confirmed everything Bill has taught her.

Maria had always planned to get into building/development. When she met Bill, it was an instant connection and exactly who she was looking for. Bill has become her mentor, best friend, family and business partner.


Bill's background is in computer science and he has worked as a commercial pilot, an Australian representative in martial arts, and a builder/developer since 1986.


In translation from Russian to English, Bill's surname “Mudri” means “Wise”. He jokes about it, saying it's not easy to live up to his name, however those who know him would say he surely does!

When Bill was 16, he went to live in Hong Kong to train at the same martial arts school where Bruce Lee trained. During that time, some of his family members moved to Australia, so Bill followed in 1973 when he was just short of 18. Unable to speak English, Bill worked in factories, driving trucks, forklifts and any other work he could get.


He attended night classes to obtain his builders licence in 1985, and borrowed the money to buy a house while living in it, renovating it and selling it for profit. He repeated this process until he owned the house and started using the equity for his next deals. 


Since then, he has built townhouses, units, luxury houses, estate developments, acreage and suburbia houses. No job was too big or too small.


Bill retired at the age of 40, enjoyed his retirement for almost a year, and then realised that it was not for him. Within a year of that realisation, he was building 11 new units west of Brisbane, and he is still at it today.

He was just plodding along in his late 50s, comfortable with his lifestyle, when he met Maria. Her enthusiasm inspired him to get excited about doing projects again and looking for deals. 



 In 2015, I engaged Bill Mudri to refurbish our two factories, one in Brendale and one in Rocklea.

I've never worked with a builder on any project who made the whole experience so easy. All he asked of me was to explain what I wanted to achieve as the end result.

Not only did Bill provide what I wanted, but he exceeded all my expectations. I found Bill to be very experienced — he offered to implement a few ideas of his own, and I was very impressed with the end result.

Working with Bill was effortless and hassle-free. I would highly recommend him as a person and as a builder or project manager for any project.